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Conspiracy buff Daniel Estulin insists there is no ‘Jewish-Masonic’ conspiracy in world affairs

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Daniel Estulin, in his latest report about the Bilderberg group secret meeting, assures his readers that there is no Jewish-Masonic conspiracy. Matter of fact, Estulin, long touted by the mainline press as a conspiracy buff himself, insists that there is no conspiracy at all.

Estulin writes:

“It is not an evil, all-seeing eye or a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy. There is no conspiracy even though a lot of people with their infantile fantasies see it as such. No group of people, and I don’t care how powerful they are, sit around the table in dark room, holding hands, staring at a crystal ball, planning the world´s future.”

Estulin continues to characterize ‘conspiracy theorists’ as ‘infantile’, ‘pathalogical’ and ‘wild-eyed’:

“…It is clinically significant, that today´s more popular varieties of wild-eyed conspiracy theories, reflect the peculiarly pathological style in infantile fantasy associated with the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Harry Potter cults”

Various people and internet groups contend that Estulin himself is part of the conspiracy, as a so-called “false opposition” agent of some sort. He’s been called a ‘Zionist agent’. In 2009, Estulin sparked some controversy when he suggested people “don’t look at These are crazies who do that kind of stuff.

Estulin has been featured and promoted on Alex Jones show for years. Many criticize Jones himself for neglecting to focus on the Jewish zionist aspect of the worldwide conspiracy.

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June 20, 2011 at 9:28 pm

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