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Infowars guest coauthored book with LA judge who seized Mel Gibson’s guns

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A writer who has been recently lauded and featured on Alex Jones Infowars website and radio show formerly teamed up to co-author a book with the gun-grabbing judge who seized Mel Gibson’s guns.

Alex Abella, a Cuban born immigrant and journalist, was recently featured in the article Insider Reveals Diabolical Secrets Of The Rand Corporation. He has been interviewed on Alex Jones radio show at least once Alex Abella on Rand Corporation: The Shadowy Think Tank That Shaped Our Modern World.

In the interview with Jones, Abella speaks of “a one world government controlled by technocrats… it’s really chilling”.

As I reported in July, Judge who seized Mel Gibson’s guns is former cop & U.N. legal specialist who wrote book on Hitler. In July, Los Angeles Judge Scott M. Gordon ordered Mel Gibson to surrender any firearms he had, despite having doubts about claims of domestic violence allegedly perpetrated by the actor. Gordon, a former domestic violence prosecutor, was purportedly so skeptical of the allegations that he continued to allow visitation rights and overnight visits once a week with Gibson’s baby daughter.

The 53 year old Gordon, a Republican, was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in April of this year. Gordon’s alma mater, Southwestern Law School, includes a bio which mentions that in 1997, Gordon served as a “Legal Specialist for the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the Hague, Netherlands”. Gordon is described as “a home wrecker”, in a post entitled Scott M. Gordon Judge – Hitler in Los Angeles – Wearing a Black Robe. In an official complaint to the State of California Commission on Judicial Performance, a Los Angeles mother agonizing over the seizure of her ‘Four Beautiful Children’ outlines a laundry list of abuses against Gordon.

Gordon and Alex Abella co-authored the 2003 book Shadow Enemies: Hitler’s Secret Terrorist Plot Against the United States . A book review at summarizes the plot, outlining “the incredible story of one of Hitler’s most diabolical plans: to wreak havoc and terror in America’s cities through the hands of carefully trained German agents whose goal was to sabotage manufacturing plants, cut off New York City’s water supply, and bomb train stations and Jewish-owned department stores.”.

One can only wonder whether an author such as Alex Abella from Communist Cuba, who teamed up with a statist jackboot gun-grabbing judge, has really ‘seen the light’ and now opposes a tyrannical one world government.

See also: Did Israeli spies record and release the Mel Gibson audio tapes to the public?


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March 6, 2011 at 1:22 am

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