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Eight Ticket Beaten In ‘Court’ (Parking Ticket Victory)

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My car was towed off a public street a while back by a local police dept., They claimed that they had put up temporary no parking signs because of a local event that was happening that day.
When I picked up my car and paid the tow company their obscene ‘legal’ ransom (nearly $300) I got the bonus surprise of a parking ticket affixed to my windshield.

The problem was that that there had been no no parking signs where I was parked.
if there had been, I clearly would not have parked there!

I pled not guilty to the parking ticket through the mail and had a write in ‘hearing’. When I recieved the ‘ruling’, decided by some anonymous group or person, it stated in bold that the “NO PARKING SIGNS WERE CLEARLY VISIBLE”, as if the ruling were written by the very revenue agent who wrote the ticket, instead of an impartial party.

I opted to get the written hearing bypassed for an in-person hearing, which is an option under CA law.

A few days before the in-person hearing trial date, I rescheduled the in-person hearing, postponing it another month or so, as allowed by law.
I have found that this constant postponement tactic is bothersome to those in the system and serves to confuse and befuddle them, which is why I do it. đŸ˜‰

They rescheduled the hearing, which occured a few days ago. I showed up at 10AM for the hearing and the third party decider was not there. Unlike a traffic ticket hearing which is held at a court, this was held at the police dept which issued the ticket.

It was approaching 10AM so I went up to the counter. The young girl officer behind the counter at the front desk of the police dept said that the third party guy had not shown up. She did not know his name or what specific agency he represented. She told me that her department ‘has nothing to do with that’. I informed her that they indeed do, since her dept is the one that issued the ticket and that my summons to appear as required by law, if I opted for it, was at this police dept; and that this dept was the legal venue.

Nevertheless, at 10:01 AM I went to ask and was told that the parking ticket judge was still not there. I replied to her that I have appeared as promised at 10AM as required by law and that since neither the prosecuting party nor the judge were present, I was leaving, and that I do not consent to a postponement or reschduling of my trial. and that I will need from her a legal written proof that I appeared as required by law. She then left the room to speak with her supervisor. She returned and said that they had no standard form for such an instance, but she asked for my drivers license, made a copy of it, signed her name and badge number, and affixed a Police dept stamp, verifying that I had appeared at 10AM.

I then walked out and having beaten the ticket by default, I will also therefore collect the upwards of 300 dollars (in small claims if I have to) that they charged for this illegal tow & impound.
Incidentally, on my way out of the building I saw a fat guy with a crew cut and briefcase full of papers on his way in. I have no idea who he was or if he wanted to be involved in my prior case, and frankly I didn’t care, since it was overwith. If it was him, maybe the statist slug will get up early next time, and arrive on time like I did.
Happy motoring!

“Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground” -Frederick Douglass

Visit for full traffic ticket section including info on my previous 7 victories, red light camera section, as well as numerous other victories by friends who have also won in court after learning how from the great free website


Written by libertyfight

September 6, 2009 at 8:49 am

Posted in Traffic tickets

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  1. COUNT ON ME đŸ˜‰


    September 6, 2009 at 9:31 am

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